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About GlideLiner Boards

The GlideLiner is a modernised traditional Longboard with a very soft rolled bottom, and usually a soft nose concave with a soft rolled ‘vee’ under the tail. The rail design is based on the traditional 50/50 style, but is modernised with a tucked edge and more nose to tail foil. This maintains the ’60′s’ feel but with an updated ease of use and enhanced performance. This design tends to suit surfers who already have some experience and are wanting a ‘retro’ feel to complement their existing quiver, or for those longboarders who are exclusively surfing the ‘drop knee’ style. The GlideLiner is able to be used by learners but demands a little more effort, as accurate foot placement is imperative to throw the board round. It is a great design for the bigger, heavier, surfer who has the weight to command the GlideLiner’s length and volume.

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