Biggie (David) Smithers

Biggie aka David has worked in fibreglass for four decades, starting out in surfboard manufacture and moving into windsurfers for export with his Sirocco Windsurfer business. He developed what is now global industry standard for sandwich lightweight construction windsurfer boards.

Biggie continues to be hugely innovative with his boards and other products, given his extensive experience in and knowledge from working with fibreglass and in getting on the waves.

Originally from Sumner Beach, Christchurch, Biggie shifted to Taranaki at 16. He felt right at home in the west coast power and became a regular face chasing the consistent swells at the variety of surf breaks that Taranaki had to offer.

Biggie, his brother Tom, and fellow Sumner surfer, Ton Deken, began making surfboards in the mid 70’s and he’s been perfecting the art of board building ever since. The west coast of New Zealand has shaped the way he makes his products. They are lightweight yet built to last. Customised surfboards, Malibus, SUPs, tow-in and kiteboards are manufactured under his Sirocco label.

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